Megan has been an LVT with our practices, since September 2006. She is a graduate of the Vet Tech Institute with an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. Like many of our staff, she has had a lifelong passion for pets, and was first a client with family’s miniature Schnauzer’s, prior to becoming a team.

She gets great enjoyment and fulfillment from being the one to offer comfort, support, and improved health to all our clients and their companion animals.

She can be found educating owners and answering questions about their pets’ conditions, diagnosis, follow-up care, and the extensive options our clinics have to offer our patients.

She has a vast amount of technical knowledge in radiology, CT, dentistry, and rehabilitative medicine.

Megan shares her free time with her husband Ian, their 2 children Rylee and Evan, and her Labrador Retriever, Shelby, and 2 cats, Ketis and Austyn.