Janice joined the team because she is an avid pet lover, and is a lifetime dog owner. Her first “adult” decision, after moving out of her parents’ home was to get a Samoyed, Bear.

After 10 years of working at the front desk of a busy human internal medical practice, she decided that she could help more people by helping them help their pets.

Janice loves meeting your new pet patients, especially the ones who afraid of visiting the veterinary office or are shy. Her goal is to get them to warm up to her, before having their visit, so their anxiety is decreased. She often leaves her desk to greet the pets and owners, creating warmth and safety as the first experience.

She is originally from Michigan and transplanted to the area over 20 years ago. We haven’t been able to take the Michigan out of the girl yet, as she remains a true Red Wing fan (we ask the clients to keep working on her), and she loves all Michigan sports’ teams.

She enjoys spending time with her devoted husband and 3 beautiful daughters. She has 2 handsome dogs, Luther, aged 7 a German Shepherd mix, and Moose, a 1 year old German Shepherd.