Dr. Cindy Maro grew up on a farm and began working with veterinarians at an early age, gaining experience in caring for and treating numerous species, including horses, farm animals, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigeons and more.

She attended YSU for part of her undergraduate studies, majoring in Biology and Chemistry, and worked as a graduate teaching/research assistant.

Upon completion of a BS in Agriculture/Animal Science, and DVM degree from Ohio State University, she worked in a mixed practice, splitting her time between visiting farms and working in the small animal clinic.

She founded the Ellwood Animal Hospital in 1987, College Hill Animal Clinic in 1988, Centre Animal Clinic in 1991, Chippewa Animal Hospital in 1998 and Cranberry Holistic Pet Care in 2015.

Her continual efforts to offer compassionate care, health, hope and happiness to owners and their pets have brought culminated in the services we offer.

She has spent 33 years learning and developing treatment integration plans which rely heavily on creating wellness and health through the use of therapeutic nutrition, animal chiropractic, TCVM, herbology, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic massage, IASTM, essential oils, alternative cancer therapies, SANAWAVE, NanoVitalight, Laser therapy, NAET, Ozone Therapy, Prolotherapy, Stem Cell/PRP, and more.

Dr. Maro is a true visionary, and she has had profound and remarkable results with her unique approach to creating wellness.

From her earliest days practicing, she began volunteering and helping the Beaver, Lawrence and Butler County Humane Societies, 40 area schools with free programs, including STEM lectures, served on the Advisory Board of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and founded several nursing home-pet visitation programs.

She has trained and mentored thousands of students, veterinarians and local school children. She was the veterinary director and taught emergency medicine and surgical assisting at Median School, prior to its becoming VTI, for veterinary technicians.

Dr. Maro served for 5 years on the Board of Health and 5 years on the Board of AVCA. She has written for numerous publications, been an expert witness in matters of veterinary health and been featured in Whole Dog Journal, on TV and Radio programs throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Dr. Maro’s greatest enjoyment in practice is seeing owners’ hope and happiness restored when pets with “untreatable illnesses” respond to integrative care. Observing those extra days, years and months of quality time is truly a rewarding experience.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, volunteering, listening to TED talks, watching comedies and historical films, exercising, Zumba, Pilates, biking, hiking, gardening, spending time with her huge family, especially her kids, cats and dog.